EcoGrill 6C 1200


Meat grilled per hour: 18 (kg/h)

Dimensions: 1166×600×150 (mm)

Heating zone dimensions: 1130×370 (mm)

Power P: 10.8 (kW)

Power cable s: 5×2.5 (mm²)

Voltage Frequency U(V)/ƒ: 400/3N/50 (Hz)

Reaching working temperature T: 5 (minutes)

Adjustable temperature range: 50-320°C

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    The EcoGrill electric grills are made of a 98% of the materials that can be recycled. Energy efficient - heating elements used into the EcoGrill grids submission maximum heat energy to food, which reduces the energy dissipation to minimum.
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    A food is ready quickly - reaches a temperature of 200°C in less than 4 minutes. In just 60 minutes you can cook 6kg of a meat with a model with smallest heating surface 320x400mm.